Aussies at it again, pinching Dr Who

COMING TO NZ? Matt Smith is the 11th actor to play Doctor Who.
COMING TO NZ? Matt Smith is the 11th actor to play Doctor Who.

First it was the Pavlova, then it was Russell Crowe and now it's Doctor Who.

With a trick as dastardly as any the evil Daleks can muster, Australian Doctor Who fans are trying to stop the Tardis materialising in New Zealand and have the show filmed in Australia instead.

The Facebook page, Let's get Doctor Who Down Under, was set up this month after the show's star, Matt Smith, told the Waikato Times he would "campaign endlessly" to film in New Zealand and appealed for Sir Peter Jackson to direct an episode.

Smith's campaign was quickly backed by Sir Peter, who said the British show's producers needed to name a time and a place and he'd be there. Smith's campaign has also got the support of a Wellington-based writer of the show and executive producer Caro Skinner who said: "I'm with Matt."

The Facebook page, liked yesterday afternoon by 288 people, links to the website set up by Queensland MP George Christensen prompting Adelaide fan Rob Mueller to write "This is the best thing to come out of a politician's mouth ever!!"

The site also has a petition.

"Killer kangaroos, cyber-crocodiles and drop-bears could join forces with the Daleks if we can convince the makers of Doctor Who to film an episode of Doctor Who in Australia."

Paul Barlow, a Hamilton based film maker who last week came up with 11 reasons why Doctor Who should film in New Zealand, has set up his own Facebook page called Bring Doctor Who to NZ in response. "That's a rotten trick so I've set one up," he said.

"If Australians had their way all our ideas would be upgraded to theirs - like a Cyber conversion of intellectual property. Well the Doctor wouldn't stand for it and neither should we."

Mr Christensen, who has been known to call the opposition Daleks in Parliament, said: "I really don't think this needs to be the Bledisloe. This can be a joint c0-0perative approach between our two lands. You could get Peter Jackson to film in the South Island and we could get Baz Lurham to film in the Whit Sundays."

He finished his offer with: "What have you guys got that is scary, sheep? We've got crocodiles."

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