Street smart

00:35, Apr 11 2012
Julia Dipose, 29, Hairdresser at Ktzio.
Julia Dipose, 29, Hairdresser at Ktzio.

Out and about among the locals.


Julia Dipose, 29,

Hairdresser at Ktzio.


What are you wearing?


Loose singlet from The Warehouse, belt from Supre, handmade Indian skirt from the store opposite Farmers and shoes are Number One  maybe.

How would you describe your style?

I call it the "anything goes" look. I think fashion has evolved to the point where we can mix and match and where there are no boundaries as long as there's balance in the outfit.

Have you always been interested in fashion?

I love fashion. I was probably always the weird girl at school ... I always wore bell bottoms two years before they came in. I think we discover what we like and don't like pushing the boundaries.

If money were no object, what fashion item would you buy?

I guess I would do Alexander McQueen shoes.

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