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22:43, May 01 2012
Michelle Devereux LOVES her Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.
Michelle Devereux LOVES her Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.

Michelle Devereux LOVES her Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.

It was a birthday present.

I love handbags, I've always loved them and I always buy a good leather bag that will normally last me for two or three years. It would last me longer, but I get sick of it after a couple of years.

 Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.
Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.

I don't really go for flashy, of-the-moment bags. I go for pretty classic, and I've got all my old bags in my wardrobe.

This was the new one and it was my birthday and I thought: I want a really good, practical, everyday bag.

I love Marc Jacobs bags, so I went online and did a bit of research. I decided I wanted grey.


I have a niece who lives in New York and I said, "Quick! Go to the Marc Jacobs store and actually have a look." She emailed me and said they'd sold out, but there was another tobacco-coloured bag. She bought it and posted it over.

It arrived in the post the afternoon before my birthday. It all happened so quickly. We were going to Queenstown for four days for my birthday and we left at 4am, and there I was in my nightie. The kids and Eric got up, gave me all my presents and there was my Marc Jacobs bag. It was a really good present. It's perfect.

It is the perfect-sized handbag. It's not very big when you look at it, but you can load a lot if stuff in and it just fills it out.

I think it will always be a classic. I might shelve it for a year and use something else if I ever get sick of it, but I guarantee it will always make a comeback.

Michelle Devereux is a makeup artist and co-owner of Devereux & Villiger, Level 1/270 Victoria St, Hamilton.

Ph: 078393851.

Photos: Kelly Hodel

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