Hamilton guys and their hair

RISK TAKER: Storm Barlow shows off his ‘‘jedi’’ style.
RISK TAKER: Storm Barlow shows off his ‘‘jedi’’ style.

Storm Barlow Storm Barlow's barber loves him because he “lets him go crazy”.

The Hamilton waiter loves “changing it up” with hairstyles. At the moment he has a short fringe, fading on the sides, spikes and a side rat tail, called a jedi, according to Paula.

Storm, 18, thinks if more men cared about their hair, it would be better for everyone.

“You look good, so that keeps your confidence up.”

Storm doesn't care too much for clothes - he channels his creativity into this hair.

“I'm having a haircut today. I've been going to the same barber for years. I love going there because it's like family.”

Once, Storm got his barber to shave Maori designs into his hair. “It showed where I come from and it was me being creative.”

He styles his own hair every morning, using a gel wax he found after trying numerous products that didn't work so well.

“I like this style. It's something easy for work.”

Storm likes the fact he can get away with expressive hairstyles at his job at Mosaik Caffe, where customers sometimes compliment him on his cool 'do.

He sees he'll keep trying new styles.

“If I see a picture, I'll know I want to try it, depending on how difficult it is.”

Dan Cherry

Life's too short to blend in with the crowd, says Dan Cherry.

For him, his body is a canvas.

“I'm very artistic. An artist uses paintbrushes and canvas; for me, it's my body,” he says.

Dan, a part-time retail assistant at Texas Radio who also works at CBD, loves his jobs because he can get away with different hairstyles and body art - he has four tattoos.

Dan, 23, wears his hair in a trendy quiff - it's usually longer, but he's growing it out after shaving it for a cancer charity.

“I really enjoy playing with my hair,” says Dan, who likes to look “crisp and sharp”. “A lot of guys could do a bit more themselves - it doesn't take that long.”

He's originally from England, where all his friends styled their hair. “I think it's very much a European thing to take care of your appearance.”

In Hamilton, not so much. “Kiwi guys don't do that - they're very laid-back fashion wise.”

To keep his quiff in place, Dan uses a VO5 matte paste and blow dries - total styling time: 5 minutes. He tried numerous products - they were either “sticky and clumpy” or didn't have enough hold.

He isn't too fussed about the shampoo he uses though and doesn't condition - it makes his hair too soft to achieve a quiff.

At college, Dan donned a massive mohican. He doesn't think he'll go that crazy again - “been there, done that” - but he'll keep trying different styles.