Coffee Review - Jacks Coffee Lounge

Jacks Coffee Lounge
Jacks Coffee Lounge

Cafe: Jacks Coffee Lounge

1/31 Cambridge Rd, Hillcrest

Open Wed-Sun

Beans: Rocket

Flat white: $4

Nothing beats a good barista. Coffee lovers all have a favourite and when our day begins with a caffeine hit from the one person who always makes it just so, it's perfection. A good barista makes life better. And in the same vein, among coffee snobs, nothing is worse than turning up to your local only to find your barista has the day off, or is on a break, or has been replaced by some "amateur". It's crushing.

I have been known to turn on my heel and make tracks if I arrive to find the wrong barista behind the machine, but I've been burnt before and I'm no longer as accepting of new baristas. They have to work for my love.

Which brings me to Jacks Coffee Lounge and its part-time barista, Adam. You may know him from River Kitchen. He works there part time, too. His coffee is beautiful to look at and even better to drink. His long blacks have a thick layer of heavenly crema and lack any of the bitter notes that make some LBs hard to knock back. His flat whites are strong and hot and velvety from start to finish. I've never had a bad coffee from him, and I've had a few.

There are a few staff members who have regular shifts behind the machine at Jacks and I'm happy to report I feel safe in all their capable hands. It's a great cafe that I'm lucky to have as my local and I especially look forward to Sundays when Adam is on the machine.

If you love coffee and haven't sampled one of his, you're in for a treat.

COFFEE FACT: The coffee tree takes at least five years to produce the first harvest and lives for about 50 years.

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