Coffee review - Flutter Cafe

Cafe: Flutter Cafe
Cafe: Flutter Cafe

Angela Cuming gives her verdict on Waikato's cafe scene. 

Cafe: Flutter Cafe, 299 Barton St, Hamilton.

Beans: Flight Coffee beans.

Cost: $4.

One of the great regrets of my life – apart from turning down a free ticket to a secret Jeff Buckley gig in Sydney – was losing a Trade Me bidding war on two very orange, very cool, very 1960s pair of vinyl bar stools.

I always wondered what happened to those two little slices of an era of much better interior design talent.

And then the furniture gods smiled and I found them, safe and sound in their loving new home.

They were in the latest addition to the trendy Barton St cafe strip, Flutter Cafe.

The cafe is a space within the Birds of a Feather clothing boutique and, fittingly, is decked out in a gorgeous and green-with-envy inducing array of eclectic retro pieces.

I took a seat on a brightly coloured lounge chair, distracted myself for a moment by the flat screen showing a European fashion catwalk show, drooled over the collection of Christian religious iconography, marvelled at a display cabinet of curios and then ordered a flat white.

It came to me in a disappointingly modern looking black and white cup and saucer, but claimed a triple-word score with its cute and authentic retro travel souvenir teaspoon.

The coffee was as nice, although I prefer a more robust flavour to my beans. But it was the right temperature and the froth on top was as good and thick as a Waikato frost.

You can order off a tempting menu, too, including yummy slices of cake and healthy salads. Flutter has a liquor licence as wekk, so you can chase your coffee with a cheeky glass of bubbles.

And when your thirst is quenched and your tummy full, you can give your credit card a workout among the dress racks.

Flutter is the retro gift that just keeps on giving.