Cocktail review - Russian Banana Surprise

Last updated 07:43 18/07/2012
Russian Banana Surprise
Russian Banana Surprise

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Russian Banana Surprise

$12, Vue bar, Sky City Casino

I knew I was relatively shameless, but this drink brought the worst out in me. I'm not sure what the slurp protocol is for cocktails, but I'd say I stretched it at Vue bar at Sky City Casino last week. Their cocktail list is relatively expansive, not that exciting, but pretty cheap. I opted for the Russian Banana Surprise - because of the name. I'm not a creamy cocktail fan but thought I'd best not appear biased. This drink has Russian standard vodka, Bols creme de cacao brown, fresh cream and Suntory banana liqueur. Sounds sickly rich and creamy, but it's oh so not! The banana wasn't too overpowering and the creme de cacao wasn't too chocolaty; all up a well-balanced and easy to drink cocktail. Anyway, as mentioned above, I eventually got my slurp on, determined to get every morsel at the bottom, just as the place was starting to fill up with diners. Lets face it, there's nothing quiet about that noise.

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