Coffee review - Raglan Roast cafe

23:05, Jul 31 2012
Raglan Roast cafe, Volcom Lane, Raglan.
Raglan Roast cafe, Volcom Lane, Raglan.

Angela Cuming gives her verdict on Waikato's cafe scene 

Cafe: Raglan Roast cafe, Volcom Lane, Raglan.

What I ordered: Flat white, $3.70

My Irishman had barely stepped off the plane before he was transfixed by the Waikato's blazing sunshine. He hadn't seen it for his last two months in London and it was beginning to prove difficult to peel him off the back deck.

So I suggested a sunny afternoon drive to Raglan and he jumped at the offer.

Raglan has just been named by National Geographic as one of the top 10 best surf towns in the world. And too right.


Indeed, the Raglan Roast cafe down Volcom Lane probably swung a couple of votes the town's way.

We arrived about 1pm and the cafe - pretty much a shopfront with a scattering of weatherbeaten tables and chairs - was bathed in sunshine.

There were all the usual kitsch touches you would expect from a cafe in a surf spot, like photos of really big waves, and locals dropping in and talking about really big waves.

The Irishman made a beeline for the sunshine and didn't even make a cynical comment about the Bob Marley posters on the walls.

We both ordered flat whites and they arrived in very cool, very retro cups, but with no saucers.

And the Irishman's verdict?

"The coffee was OK, but by New Zealand's very, very high standards it was just average," he wisely concluded.

"But it's not really about the cafe, or the coffee though, is it?

"It's about being cool, and being in the lane."


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