time out - Rocket Espresso Bar

What I ordered: Flat white, $4.20.
What I ordered: Flat white, $4.20.

Angela Cuming gives her verdict on Waikato's cafe scene. 

Where: Rocket Espresso Bar

What I ordered: Flat white, $4.20.

Eco is not a dirty word. Not in episodes of Grand Designs and the cafe scene anyway.

And in Hamilton's cafe scene, there is nowhere more eco-friendly than Rocket Espresso Bar.

Free-range eggs, bacon and chicken are used, and I have to say, cruelty free breakfasts taste a darn sight finer. Rocket also serves up fair-trade organic coffee, and my flat white was of gold-medal standard.

The cafe itself sits in busy Grey Street in Hamilton East, and I took a window seat to soak up the atmosphere. A Greenpeace volunteer was outside the window, signing up new supporters to the eco cause, which seemed fitting. Inside, Rocket is plain and unassuming, with a simple polished concrete floor, basic furniture and minimal decorations.

It instead lets the coffee, the food and the quick service be the main attractions, and is the perfect spot for anyone who cares about where the food comes from and how it is produced.

A sign informs customers the cafe recycles and composts all waste, uses organic milk and uses even eco-friendly cleaning products.

As I sat there, using the free wi-fi and listening to the very excellent sounds of UB40 play, I decided that places like Starbucks were well and truly off my cafe menu.

Places like Rocket have never made being ethical so appealing.

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