Wine review - Villa Maria Clifford

20:31, Aug 08 2012
 Villa Maria Clifford Bay Reserve Sauvignon Blanc,
Villa Maria Clifford Bay Reserve Sauvignon Blanc


 Villa Maria Clifford Bay Reserve Sauvignon Blanc, $24.

I love fruity New Zealand sauvignons and this wine is no exception. It's an intensely complicated wine. At first sip, my simple palate is assaulted by a range of flavours all clamouring to be identified. I am mystified … I like it, but there is so much going on. This is not a simple passionfruit-dominated sauvignon: it's a complicated and intense wine. Dry, but lively with its many fruit overtones. I easily find my favourite passionfruit, but surprisingly it is heavily laced with delicious lime. A little research shows me that I should find nettle (no idea how I would know what that tastes like), gooseberry and currants. I fail miserably at detecting any of these flavours. But there is something else going on with this wine, something mildly and enjoyably mineral at the end of the palate.


Waikato Times