Rubbish fee hike irks resident

20:18, Oct 23 2012

Matamata resident John Masson will no longer be taking his grass clippings to the Matamata Refuse Transfer Station.

Charges at the station were increased last week and Mr Masson said he'd had enough of handing over money to the Matamata-Piako District Council.

"I have been going to the land transfer now for over 12 months with a six by four trailer of lawn clippings and have been charged $4," he said.

"Yesterday I went there and was charged $9.

"It's not the money that worries me - it's the fact that once again, council are just putting the thumbscrew down on ratepayers for every cent they can get."

Council group manager of service delivery Fiona Vessey said the changes were made as part of the Our Community Our Future Plan.


"Council annually review all fees and charges to make sure they reflect the cost of undertaking the activity," she said.

"The charges for transfer stations were set as part of that annual process and all appropriate steps were taken by council, including public consultation."

According to a draft plan, the cost increases were due to the introduction of the emissions trading scheme and were in line with neighbouring councils.

There was some confusion over the amount Mr Masson had been paying, as the minimum fee for a single axle trailer of green waste was $10 prior to the changes and had not gone up.

Mr Masson said it was possible he had been paying the same amount as a car, which had a minimum charge of $4.

"It's not my fault they were obviously charging me the wrong amount the first time. I'm still looking at a 110 per cent increase.

"How can they justify that?"

Charges for a bag of rubbish had gone up by 10 per cent from $3 to $3.30 and the cost of a bag of green waste had jumped by a third from $1.50 to $2.

Rubbish by the tonne went up six per cent from $137 to $145 and green waste by the tonne climbed five per cent from $62 to $65.

The increase to charges was consistent in both Morrinsville and Te Aroha and signs displaying the charges were updated last week.

A full list of transfer station charges can be found at

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