A royal show grand result

22:27, Nov 06 2012
Tayla Rose Hayward with her Royal A&P Show grand champion calf May.
Tayla Rose Hayward with her Royal A&P Show grand champion calf May.

When Tayla Rose Hayward goes missing her parents always know where to find her - out on the farm with her calf May.

The pair have spent hours together over the past three months, and last weekend they took home the top calf club prize at the Waikato Royal A&P Show.

As well as winning grand champion calf, Tayla Rose won a first and a champion in leading and was second place in rearing.

"I couldn't believe it," the Matamata Intermediate student said.

"I was really shocked. I went thinking I probably wouldn't even win a ribbon and came home with grand champion."

Tayla Rose chose May when the calf was just a few hours old and said she stood out straight away.


"She was really calm and had extremely big ears."

After winning one fourth place ribbon at the Matamata A&P Show, Tayla Rose put a lot of work into practising with May.

"I spent heaps of time with her.

"When she's in the paddock and we come down the race and call her name she comes sprinting."

The pair also competed in the Matamata Intermediate Calf Club Day and the Matamata Group Day and won 15 ribbons and six trophies.

Tayla Rose has had a calf every year since she was five and this was her last year of calf club before starting high school.

However, she was planning to take May to the Waikato Royal A&P Show again next year to compete as a yearling.

"I like making friends with [calves] because then they stay friendly forever," she said.

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