Cyclist's plea: Let's share roads safely

21:54, Nov 13 2012

Motorists are being asked to watch out for cyclists as more riders take to the road in the lead-up to events such as the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge.

Matamata Peddlers Cycling Club member Dale Ertel said the club did not want to see any accidents in the area.

While members were hoping motorists would stay alert, they were also aware that cyclists had an important part to play.

"We emphasise strongly to our members the need for us to do our bit for safety," he said.

"We try not to slow up or annoy traffic, with the sincere hope that motorists show the same consideration towards us.

"Sometimes we do things that may seem disruptive but it's for both our safety and the safety of other road users."


Six cyclists have been killed on New Zealand roads so far this year. Eight were killed last year.

The NZ Transport Agency recommends that motorists slow down when approaching cyclists and leave a 1.5-metre space when passing.

Motorists should watch out for cyclists before passing vehicles, at intersections and on hills and blind corners.

"When a motor vehicle and a bike crash there can only be one winner," said Mr Ertel.

"I wouldn't want any motorist to have to go through the trauma of hitting a cyclist."

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