Delivery days may be cut

20:04, Feb 06 2013

New Zealand Post is proposing to cut mail delivery to as little as three days a week to cope with falling volumes.

Communications Minister Amy Adams last week released a proposal from the state postal service stating: ". . . changes are needed to ensure a sustainable postal service in the 21st century."

As well as cutting the number of delivery days to a minimum of three, there is also a proposal to introduce more self-service kiosks.

"During the last 10 years mail volumes have dropped considerably, with 265 million fewer items being posted each year compared to 2002," said Ms Adams.

"Within five years, mail volumes are forecast to be nearly half what they were in 2002."

People posting on the Chronicle Facebook page were concerned that fewer delivery days could result in important mail arriving late.


Luke Northcott said: "What happens to the people in debt that rely on the postal service to know their current situation . . . it won't help the community one bit."

David McKinley agreed: "Sometimes [you] receive mail with deadlines for things and extra days in [the] post could make that worse."

Other posts said there was huge demand for parcel delivery that New Zealand Post was not capitalising on.

David Drury said: "At least the courier companies will earn from it! If NZ Post doesn't want it, someone will."

Jim Hekker added: "There is a good future in the parcel business. Why have NZ Post lost such a big share to the many couriers?"

Any changes to the Universal Service Obligations the postal service is bound by would have to be approved by the Government.

There would also be public consultation.

Matamata Chronicle