Is this huge car price a record?

Exchange rates and auction locations mean the title of the most expensive car ever sold at auction is up for debate.

Rare cars attract big money

It seems that not everyone is strapped for cash in the weeks after Christmas.

The car 007 really drove

The Vantage is an oldie but still oh-so-good - even without the James Bond references.

'Get off my drive!'

For 11 years, people have parked in front of Graeme Inglis driveway. And now NZTA and police say they can't do any more.

RX2 hits 322kmh in drags

rotary, record breaker A Waikato car has become the first rotary in NZ to break the 200 miles per hour threshold.

Driver back in the running

It's not an easy job running a superstock, says Gordonton- based owner-driver Dayne Conder.

Hot hatch gets its mojo back

Screaming down the highway

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