Number plate theft on the rise

Criminals are out to poach your licence plate … and boy, is it a hassle to get them replaced.

Driverless solution for jams

The perennial question of how to transform Auckland's traffic may need a very futuristic answer: driverless cars.

NZ drivers told to shape up

Kiwi drivers are notoriously bad, we're told – so we asked foreign-born NZers for five tips on how we can drive better.

'Did you just give me the finger?'

OPINION: New Zealanders are shocking drivers. Trust me – I can tell you some stories. We already wave 'thank you' when someone lets us in; now we need a wave of apology.

RX2 hits 322kmh in drags

rotary, record breaker A Waikato car has become the first rotary in NZ to break the 200 miles per hour threshold.

Driver back in the running

It's not an easy job running a superstock, says Gordonton- based owner-driver Dayne Conder.

Hot hatch gets its mojo back

Screaming down the highway

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