New battery boosts i3 range

Radical electric city car can travel further thanks to new high-tech battery.

The ugliest racing cars

Beauty doesn't necessarily mean speed, so nowhere has it been written that racing cars need to be pretty.

Luxury luggage for luxury car

If you've got the car that this luggage accessory package goes with then the cost will be just a minor monetary blip.

Whale of a time with distracted driving

If you were driving a beluga whale down the street, would you sneak a peek at your phone?

RX2 hits 322kmh in drags

rotary, record breaker A Waikato car has become the first rotary in NZ to break the 200 miles per hour threshold.

Driver back in the running

It's not an easy job running a superstock, says Gordonton- based owner-driver Dayne Conder.

Hot hatch gets its mojo back

Screaming down the highway

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