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Community gets in behind

It was supposed to be a reconciliation but a Waikato community instead vented its frustrations on a farmer's behalf at a restorative justice meeting.

Accident or arson?

Police are not ruling out the possibility that the fire at a Hamilton home that killed three people was deliberately lit.

Drunk rail track driver 'foolish'

Drink driver disqualified and branded "foolish" for driving his car along railway tracks.

Electric car charge mounted

Tainui's Novotel and Ibis hotels will now feature electric car chargers in their parking lots.

Air NZ's cuts rile town

Air NZ defence of decision to pull out of Taupo-Wellington route is labelled a "waste of time".

Steamed up and raring to go

Here is your chance to get all steamed up.

Dress to impress at Time Warp

Dressing for this weekend's mass Time Warp performance is serious business.

Musical high flyer diverted to Cambridge

It was a routine flight from St Louis, Missouri to Los Angeles, California and it took Melanie Lina all the way to Cambridge.

What will future generations think?

Hamilton in time warp

Cultural desert? Not Hamilton

You could fill a book with what's wrong with Hamilton but the city's sesquicentennial is not one.

Snapper cutbacks 'unfair'

Recreational anglers pan Government decision to cut bag limits in NZ's most prized snapper fishery.

Snapper quota

Recreational fishers will now be able to catch seven snapper a day, after the Govt abandoned plans to slash the quota to three.

Shearer's snapper stunt

Snapper backdown?

Baby snapper selling overseas

On a good day the view from Brian Hart's workplace is hard to beat.