Money the motivator in kidnapping

An estranged Hamilton couple who drove a man around in his own car before robbing him of cash and the vehicle were motivated by money, a judge says.

Kaylah Jasmyne Lenare Edwards, 18, and her former partner Tehamara Pou, 35, were given home detention and jail terms by Judge Barney Thomas in Hamilton District Court yesterday.

Edwards, who is in her final trimester of pregnancy, was known to the victim and devised a plan with Pou to effectively get their hands on some cash, the judge said.

That plan was for Edwards to lure the victim to a house in his car and then pick up Pou along the way. They would pretend not to know each other until the robbery kicked in.

On the night of December 27 last year, Pou was picked up on the pretence that he needed help with his sick mother. The victim drove the pair around, stopping at various houses, before Pou forced the victim up against the driver's seat with his left forearm and demanded cash.

Pou struggled with the car keys before grabbing the man's wallet and running off.

The victim went to call the police on his cellphone and Edwards snatched it off him and grabbed the keys out of the ignition.

Edwards picked up Pou but eventually stopped the car, and the victim was ordered out and given a couple of his identification cards.

Edwards' lawyer Matthew Bates said his client had made significant changes in her outlook with a more positive and proactive attitude.

The judge appreciated Pou's offer of a conference but said it was "understandable" that the victim didn't want to meet him.

Pou was convicted and sentenced to three years jail and ordered to pay reparation of $948.75.

Edwards was also convicted but sentenced to 12 months home detention, 200 hours community work and reparation of $948.75.

Waikato Times