Blown tyre causes truck to crash

03:54, May 19 2014
wairere dr crash
ROUGH DAY: A man works to recover a ride on mower after a woman reportedly lost control and crashed through a residential fence.

A burst tyre turned Monday upside down for a woman and her lap dog as she drove along Wairere Dr.

Hamilton Beauty therapist Alicia Stratton was painting the nails of client, Megan Lassey, on Tramway Rd when the pair heard a ''sickening'' bang from the two-lane highway.

Lassey's first thought was that a truck and trailer had flipped because the noise was ''so huge''.

''We knew something wasn't right.''

The pair leapt to their feet and ran to a neighbour's house whose fence borders the roadway.

Stratton said: ''We saw that the truck had driven right off the freeway and crashed through the fence, and the lady in the car was in shock but okay - she had a little dog with her as well.''


The late-model white ute she appeared to have been driving was towing a ride on lawn-mower on a trailer.

The pair tried to reach the woman, who appeared to be shock, but the smashed fence blocked their path.

A trained lifeguard pulled over and cared for the woman until St John and police arrived.

One of the tyres on the trailer had blown, Stratton said, which ''made her lose control and she came off the road''.

''While we were there, we think it was the husband who arrived, and he was looking at it and said, 'Oh yeah look the tyre on the trailer's blown'.

''The woman got away with a minor cut to her hand", Stratton said.

A man at the scene retrieving the crashed property was not happy when a Fairfax Media photographer arrived.

"P... off, guys," he yelled, while trying to recover the ride-on mower.

"If you [police officer] don't remove them then I will. Now f... off."

The photographer told the man that people had the right to take photographs in a public place, continued to do so, then left.

Waikato Times