Going Goth in Hamilton

20:40, May 21 2014
Anton Wanderer , GOTH DAY
BLACK ON BLACK: Anton Wanderer says Kiwi goths are sensitive souls with an intellectual bent.

Hamilton's resident goth Anton Wanderer will have a glass of wine, dress gothically and be with friends for World Goth Day today.

The occasion, which began in England in 2009, is yet to reach popular levels in New Zealand but one local goth will make an effort to celebrate the day.

Wanderer said he won't be drinking out of a goblet; the wine won't be animal blood and he won't be undertaking Satanic rituals.

"There are some misconceptions out there about goths. A German friend who came over to stay in New Zealand told me what being ‘goth' in Germany meant and it's pretty extreme what they get up to. He said there are no goths in New Zealand just black hippies."

His friend was referring to the black clothing goths wear and the New Zealand goths' lack of appetite for satanic rituals.

Wanderer said New Zealand goths are more "sensitive" souls with an "intellectual" appetite.


"They are more about the aesthetics and the look than anything else."

Wanderer has recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree. He has a double major in philosophy and psychology.

He also doesn't want people to confuse goths with emos, another subculture created through emotionally driven rock.

"There is a difference; Goth is still very much a counter-culture. Emos can look goth but they're very mainstream, very pop culture."

He spends $20 a year on goth makeup and has some advice for Waikato people wanting dress up to celebrate the day.

"Black on black on black.

"Women can layer their black clothing, I know a lot wear lace. For the men black pants, black shirt, black jacket and black leather boots. Those are the basics."

Wanderer said black gumboots are unacceptable.

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