Hospital's sweet act on obesity

17:00, Jun 03 2014

Diabetics will soon need to carry their own bag of sweets when visiting Waikato Hospital.

Waikato District Health Board diabetes clinic manager Susan Ryan said diabetics will need to be like "girl guides" - prepared for anything.

"The bottom line is diabetics need to be prepared, and that is the message we will be getting out," she said.

The move to ban all lollies and sugar drinks from hospital vending machines will take effect from July 1.

The board discussed the issue at a public meeting last week and hoped the decision would help tackle obesity.

But Waikato University senior lecturer in physiology Dr Pawel Olszewski who specialises in appetite suppression and obesity, said education would be vital if the move was to be successful.

"When it comes to obesity there is not one measure to tackle the issue but changing the environment will help," he said.

"Having lollies accessible to everyone, everywhere, all of the time clearly has not helped our society."


Waikato Times