Parking congestion angers residents

NOT HAPPY: Bowen Place residents Bob Gerrish, left, Joyce Finlayson, Max Llwelyn and Jan Peters.
NOT HAPPY: Bowen Place residents Bob Gerrish, left, Joyce Finlayson, Max Llwelyn and Jan Peters.

Residents of a congested Te Rapa street are fed up with people who work nearby parking their cars on their quiet street, clogging it.

And they're asking why the city council won't come to their aid.

Bob Gerrish of Bowen Place, off Forsyth St, which runs behind Bunnings Warehouse, said the problem began about two years ago.

"Ever since the Ministry of Education opened up their new building opposite Bunnings they have to get from their building to Glasgow St so all the people who work here park on Glasgow St, Bowen and Forsyth St," Gerrish said.

"The ministry charge for their parking. Personally, I think the council could have done a lot more and the ministry could have parking available for their staff."

Katrina Casey, head of sector enablement and support at the Ministry of Education, said 170 staff worked at the Te Rapa site.

"On-site parking covers the ministry fleet, 70, and visitor parking, 30."

When asked what it costs staff to park on site, Casey would not give a figure.

"Staff are able to lease car parks in a private capacity directly from the landlord," she said.

Resident Joyce Finlayson said last time she counted, 22 cars were parked on the roadside of her cul de sac, which only has 14 houses.

"A lot of people on our street are elderly and we all have to back out," she said.

"Glasgow St [opposite Bowen] used to have this problem, now people are only allowed to park on one side of the street," Finlayson said.

Hamilton City Council parking activity team leader John Purcell said his team visited the street last week and spoke to four people about the parking issue. The council's hands were tied as no traffic bylaws were being breached, he said.

"Motorists are generally parking in a legal fashion with the current state of restrictions - this means that the parking compliance section has no powers to alter the behaviour at this time."

Purcell said the council traffic bylaw was being reviewed which could allow parking restrictions to be changed more quickly in circumstances such as those on Bowen Pl.

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