Police slam playground burnout

23:27, Jun 17 2014
playground bunrout
UNACCEPTABLE: Stills from the footage show a driver skidding around swings near Te Kuiti as a child watches on.

Footage posted to Facebook of a driver sliding a car around a children's playground in the King Country has caught the eye of police.

The video has now been taken down but Constable Leesa Anderson , of Te Kuiti Police, has slammed the behaviour as unacceptable with the potential for things to go terribly wrong.

''That kind of behaviour is not acceptable anywhere - that particular reserve is a public place and families go down there and enjoy the facilities.''

The footage appears to have been recorded at Mangaokewa Reserve, about a five minute drive south of Te Kuiti township, adjacent to State Highway 30. 

There are picnic areas and an attractive bush walk to the Cascade Waterfalls. There is also a play area for children.

The 48 second video shows the driver of a vehicle winding up into a series of high-rev doughnuts around a set of public swings.


The vehicle is in a  controlled slide, carving up the turf and narrowly missing a dog that's giving chase. A child is also pictured watching from the swings beside the videographer.

Anderson said they were unaware of the incident until the Waikato Times showed them the footage.

She intended to follow the case up with those named in the online post yet she could not comment on whether any charges were likely.

''Young children do go there. It does become a risk to the public if things go terribly wrong. We have had the odd call about cars doing doughnuts and stuff out there.''

Anderson also advised members of the public to to report behaviour such as this immediately, whether it's posted online or seen in person.

Recording key details from the vehicle, such as the registration number, is also important, she said.

Waikato Times