Anzac pictures give descendants insight

03:49, Jun 20 2014
Kaelin and Terence Carter, of the Hamilton City Cadet Unit, are the great-great-grandchildren of Private Thomas Brookfield, who survived WWI.

Twenty images depicting everyday life for Anzacs during the Gallipoli campaign are travelling New Zealand to share the legacy with secondary school students.

The photos - from the Australian War Memorial - started in Aotearoa at the Australian High Commission in Wellington, opening on Anzac Day.

And they visited Hamilton Boys' and Girls' High schools and Hillcrest High School this week during a six-week national tour.

Seeing the pictures gave Hamilton Boys' student Terence Carter, 15, an idea of what his great-great grandfather would have endured in World War I.

"The faces, they weren't all happy" in the photos, he said.

His ancestor, Private Thomas Brookfield, joined the army at 21 and survived Passchendaele and the war.


After looking at several of the photos and reading about them, the overwhelming feeling for Carter was "sad".

"It sort of did bring back memories of me asking my granddad what happened [in WWII] . . . He was happy to tell me but I think there was a few [upsetting] memories, because he lost a couple of friends, he said."

Military history runs strong in the Carter family, and continues with Terence - a cadet with Hamilton City and older brother Kaelin, 16, a lance corporal. Both plan to join the army and Terence said their family history was a factor.

"Our uncle, my granddad, my great granddad and my great-great-granddad were in the forces. That sort of did influence us because it put them in a good path for the future, so that's what we want."

Waikato Times