Hamill hammered for low meeting attendance

A Wel Energy trustee called to account over his poor meeting attendance claims he was at meetings of priority and those berating his work for the trust have ulterior motives.

Rob Hamill said his poor attendance record does not put into context what those meetings he missed mean.

"The priority of the trust is to attend the monthly meetings held on a Tuesday evening; over the past six years I have missed four of the 66 meetings held for the core functional meetings."

Hamill said the nine meetings he missed between July 2011 and March 2014 were important but they were not "core priority" meetings for the trust.

"I couldn't attend all the meetings, but I make sure that the ones of priority I am there for, the ones that I can't attend I have all the details about."

"This is only a small snapshot of what we actually do. There are more meetings, functions, and reports we do that is not on there."

Hamill said Tania Hennebry, who called for Hamill to stand down at the next election, is only doing it as part of an elaborate plot to get her brother-in-law Roger Hennebry onto the trust at the next election to be held later this year.

"It is the Hennebry clan working their political agendas in a nasty, vindictive way," he said.

Asked if he was up to the job of being a trustee, Hamill was adamant he is "effective" in the role and had a great rapport with those he represented.

However, Tania Hennebry, who sat on the trust for six years between 2002 and 2010 before standing down, rejects the suggestion she is working to get her brother-in-law onto the trust.

"To be perfectly honest if my brother-in-law was a trustee on the trust right now and his attendance was poor like this I would be calling him to account. It makes no [difference] to me. I didn't even know he was standing until after I got the booklet." She said it is her passion for the trust which motivates her to pursue accountability of all trustees.

"There are very few checks and balances for elected representatives. There are very few checks and balances in the trust other than missing three meetings in a row, then you're out."

Wel Energy trustee Denise Harding, who has one of the highest attendance records, said the record did not give a full account of what trustees actually do.

"It's only the attendance of those meetings actually published; that's not all the meetings trustees attend. We go to other meetings but because they are considered part and parcel of the job of a trustee they don't tend to be advertised as others."

The WEL Energy Trust election is being held tomorrow, and voting can be done by postal ballot or online.


Wel Energy Trust meetings attended from July 2011 to March 2014 Mark Bunting 44/49 Brad Chibnall 48/49 Rob Hamill 40/49 Denise Harding 48/49 Mark Ingle 48/49 David Kneebone 42/49 Kathryn Williams 45/49 


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