Teen approached at Hamilton lake

21:43, Jul 06 2014

The motive of a man who approached a 13-year-old girl at the side of Hamilton lake has police worried.

The Hamilton Girls' High School pupil was finishing sports practice at Innes Common alongside Lake Rotoroa at 5pm on Thursday when she was approached by the man in a silver/grey Toyota Hilux.

He was described as Maori, in his 30s, with short black hair, scruffy facial hair and possibly has a Maori tattoo on his right shoulder.

All the windows of his van were tinted except for the front driver's and passenger's windows and the windscreen. The van had no registration plates on either the front or back.

Police said the man's approach might be innocuous but they were concerned about his intent.

"At this stage we cannot say that there are any links to previous incidents," Senior Sergeant Rupert Friend said.

"There has been nothing recently there, and we are yet to dig into . . . other incidents there which were further back. We will be digging through this in the coming days."

On May 22 a man allegedly dragged a woman behind a lakeside shed at the Hamilton Lake Reserve. On October 12 a man grabbed a 47-year-old woman, dragged her into the bushes at the entrance to Lake Rotoroa's domain reserve and sexually assaulted her before fleeing the scene.


Waikato Times