Plan to strengthen city’s cycle network

02:22, Jul 17 2014
hamilton, cycle way
RIVER RIDE: Hamilton City Council is looking at how it can get the best out of its cycleway network.

City councillors have set the wheels in motion on a 30-year vision for cycling in Hamilton.

Mayor Julie Hardaker and five councillors were this week appointed to a working group to guide the development of a cycleway plan for Hamilton.

The council has budgeted $25,000 for the plan.

A council report said Hamilton had a strong cycle network but there were gaps.

To retain and increase levels of cycling in the city, it was important to have safe and complete cycle facilities across Hamilton.

An aim of the cycleway plan is to identify key routes to destinations within Hamilton.


The plan will target recreational and commuter cyclists and provide an alternative way for tourists to experience Hamilton's attractions.

Hardaker said the plan represented a substantial piece of work and would impact on the upcoming Waikato River plan.

Meanwhile, councillors Angela O'Leary, Philip Yeung and Rob Pascoe have been appointed to a working group to oversee a strategic review of Hamilton Zoo and the development of a master plan for the facility.

The three councillors will be assisted by council staff and Seattle-based Studio Hanson Roberts, regarded as international experts in zoo design.

A draft zoo master plan is expected to be presented to the council's strategy and policy committee in November.

A community survey will be held this month to help determine if there are any gaps in services provided by the zoo.

A report by council staff warned that patronage at Hamilton Zoo could decline if there were no fresh reasons to visit.

A drop-off in visitor numbers would impact on the zoo's revenue and increase costs to ratepayers.

Speaking at the council's strategy and policy committee meeting, councillor Ewan Wilson queried the $80,000 budget allocated to the zoo strategic review and master plan.

In reply, Hamilton Zoo director Stephen Standley said Studio Hanson Roberts had more than 20 years experience in creative partnerships with zoos.

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