Waikato DHB welcomes new CEO

NEW CEO: Dr Nigel Murray.
NEW CEO: Dr Nigel Murray.

Iwi and Waikato District Health Board officials have welcomed their new CEO with a powhiri this morning. 

Almost 100 of the city's officials gathered for the ritual, as Dr Nigel Murray began his first day as Waikato DHB chief executive. 

Health board chairman Bob Simcock said the organisation was in good stead to start evolving as a world leader in health care and hoped Murray's appointment would help them realise those aspirations. 

"For Nigel this is a return to the Waikato - it is good to have his him and his skills back." 

Murray, originally from Walton, acknowledged his roots and 95-year-old father, who wasn't well enough to attend the ceremony. 

He said his leadership would extend to more than the services provide by the hospital.

"It gives me an opportunity to build on [what already is] - not just hospital services but our also our community."

He said his commitment would be to strengthen the services and improve Maori health opportunities. 

"Strength will be in my blood for the time I am at the DHB."

In the past eight years the Waikato Hospital has undergone a major redevelopment, which Simcock said had been "challenging."

"This [appointment] represents a changing point," Simcock said. 

However he also paid respects to the previous chief executive Craig Climo. 

Murray's predecessor exited the role on Friday after holding the position for seven years. 

His exit followed a report that criticised the board's leadership and transparency. 

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