Snow blankets Kaimai Range

00:56, Jul 22 2014
kaimai range, snow
CHILL IN THE AIR: Snow on the Kaimai Range, seen from Matamata this morning.

An Antarctic southerly breathed on the Kaimai Range last night, leaving a thick dusting of snow on its peaks this morning. 

Matamata had a fine view of the snowy ranges, where hobbit Frodo's bare feet would have not taken kindly to the chill in the air.

MetService meteorologist John Law says it's not uncommon for the snow to turn up on the mountain range by Te Aroha during the height of winter.

''You are looking at pretty high mountains, especially out to the northern edge.''

No road warnings are in place on SH29 over the Kaimai Range, as ice is not expected to affect the road. 

Temperatures dropped to 0.5 degrees Celsius in Hamilton city last night, and today's clear skies will mean another chilly night, says Law.


''Hamilton will have some cold frosty starts and it will become more showery toward Thursday and Friday.

''I don't think you get more snow, you are going to find most of the moisture goes down to the south. You have the cold temperatures but not really much rainfall, and you need both to have snow.''

Meanwhile, a light dusting of snow was spotted on Mt Pirongia this morning.

Snow is affecting the Desert Road, so New Zealand Transport Agency advises drivers take caution.

Waikato Times