Police put new focal point on crime

02:19, Aug 08 2014
 Gordon Blake
WATCHFUL EYE: South Waikato Safer Communities Council chairman Gordon Blake is waiting in anticipation for the security cameras that will watch over the streets of Tokoroa’s CBD.

Major crime on Tokoroa's streets will be solved quicker during the busy Christmas period, according to Gordon Blake.

The South Waikato Safer Communities Council (SWSCC) chairman  said a green light from the district council meant it was likely the town's long-awaited security cameras would be in place by the end of this calender year.

He said the police were positive the installation of the $60,000 cameras would give them much needed leads on crimes that take place in the CBD.

SWSCC is still aiming to purchase six fixed cameras and one mobile but that will depend on the tenders that come through.

The charitable organisation has created a sub committee that will be in charge of preparing the tender process.Blake said they will work with district council staff members skilled in that area to ensure the correct procedure is followed.

''When the process is walked through the ownership [of the cameras] will transfer to council so I think it's only fair that council is fully aware of the process we followed.''


He said the council has agreed to rate all 119 rateable properties in the CBD for the first three years to cover maintenance costs and build up a depreciation fund for when the cameras need replacing.

Following that the idea is to charge a small rate across all rateable properties in Tokoroa to continue to fund maintenance and replacements.

Blake said the SWSCC has managed to raise $9000 so far which will be matched dollar for dollar by the district council.

On top of that the council has agreed to front up with an extra $30,000 to allow the tender process to begin. 

Half of this will be paid back as the SWSCC raises the funds, Blake said.

The remaining $12,000 will be covered through the rating mechanism, he said.He said the district council played a huge hand in getting the project off its feet financially.

''It's really important to get council's buy in because they will take on maintenance so that it is a sustainable project...

 ''You can't expect to be going back again and again to the business community to fund it.''

The tender process could take up to six weeks.

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