Source of aged pool's leak remains elusive

02:00, Aug 13 2014

Cambridge pool's mystery leak is among the fix-ups on Waipa's radar, reports Elton Smallman . --------------------

A major leak costs the Cambridge Pool 18,000 litres of water a day as workers struggle to pinpoint it.

Waipa Community Facilities Trust delivered a report to the service delivery committee at Waipa Council chambers in Te Awamutu and said significant investment was needed for the ailing pool.

Trustee Merv Gyde and report author Matthew Horne told councillors they had searched extensively for the problem and narrowed it down but the leak remained elusive.

Horne said they had isolated a section of pipework where the leak was likely and it's believed either a broken valve or cracked pipe was at the heart of the problem.

"We believe it is happening when the plant is under pressure when it's operating," he said.


The pool's filtration and circulation systems were functioning at 29 per cent efficiency and it was difficult to maintain the required pool temperature."

Funds were being sought for an upgrade.

The trust had made wide-ranging upgrades at the Te Awamutu Event Centre.

A new reception area was installed, investment had been put into a new compressor and cooling fan and the community has been given a swim school and holiday programme.

At the Finance and Corporate Committee, the council was shown the rates status report and several financial benchmarks were being met.

The debt affordability benchmark showed a limit on debt of $35 million and an actual debt of less than $15 million.

The benchmark was one of a range of measures put in place by the government in 2012 to ecourage local authorities to improve their financial situation and governance.

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