Residents measure up road options

17:00, Aug 20 2014

Rototuna's Resolution Drive could stretch right out over the Waikato Expressway to Horsham Downs if residents get their way.

Three options for the area were the focus of a NZ Transport Agency information day on Tuesday, where the agency gauged the appetite for extending Resolution Drive to connect the suburb.

The works would help create the optimal long-term road network for the area and would be put into place when the Hamilton section of the expressway was constructed.

An extension of Resolution Drive to the expressway wasn't part of the original designation, NZ Transport Agency project services manager Peter Simcock said.

"It became evident that a connection to Resolution Drive would be a viable connection for the city and very attractive for the city, too, because of the city boundary moving out to the expressway and the prospect of future development."

Traffic modelling showed an extension to the expressway was likely to be used by 6200 cars a day in 2021.


But the first option on the table at the information day extended Resolution Drive only to the expressway, and allowed for a traffic bridge on Osborne Rd.

Both remaining options featured the Horsham Downs link, expected to be used by about 1900 cars a day in 2021.

Option two had a pedestrian and cycle bridge on Osborne Rd, while option three had no connection there - something set to affect Horsham Downs School, just on the northern side of the expressway. The upside of no bridge would be a saving of $2.2m, which could be put into the Horsham Downs extension, Simcock said.

Heather Bullot lives "right in the middle of all the controversy" and said some changes would mean driving twice as far to get anywhere.

"They've forgotten totally about the locals and are just wanting to get through traffic."

She favoured the extension to Horsham Downs with a pedestrian and cycle bridge to allow children and parents to walk to the school.

And fellow Horsham Downs resident Peter Corin said there should "definitely" be a Horsham Downs-Resolution Drive link providing expressway access. It would make travelling into town, and further afield, faster, he said.

Feedback and further investigations will allow NZ Transport Agency to decide whether to alter the designation to accommodate a change.

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