'Surreal' abseil for broadcaster

LIVING ON THE EDGE: More FM Waikato broadcaster Kendall Forbes starts her descent off Hamilton’s tallest building.
LIVING ON THE EDGE: More FM Waikato broadcaster Kendall Forbes starts her descent off Hamilton’s tallest building.

As far as getting out of work goes, climbing onto the roof and abseiling down the building is an elaborate method.

But that's what More FM Waikato's Kendall Forbes did - broadcasting her way down Hamilton's tallest building in the name of charity.

The broadcaster is used to being on level 12 of the tower building above Centre Place, but on Friday at noon she climbed out of the window on the 14th floor.

"Actually going off the side of the building was probably the most difficult part, stepping off the building only being held by ropes, and you think please, just hold me up," she said.

"[The descent] was more surreal than anything else."

Her fundraiser for the Waikato/Bay of Plenty Cancer Society has raised around $500 and was the first abseiling she had done since school camps.

The idea came from an on-air chat with Cancer Society's Sarah Fitzpatrick, who mentioned a possible plan for managers to abseil down their building.

Forbes was keen to support the Cancer Society with her own challenge, so she asked listeners for suggestions.

"Overwhelmingly everyone said, why don't you abseil down your building? And it just became this one idea that everyone had, so I had to do it."

And if she'd hoped a no from the boss or the building manager might have got her out of it, she would have been disappointed.

"I was amazed at how quickly everyone said yes."

With support from GR Cleaning, who work on the tower building, she went over the side around lunchtime on Friday.

Some of it was broadcast live but she managed to keep the language clean.

"I was listening back to it [on Saturday] and there was a lot of, OK, and goodness - those were my two words," she said.

"I actually found it amazing. The view from up there was just incredible."

She also enjoyed some funny moments on the way down, including her workmates leaning out of their windows to film her, and passing a meeting around level four.

"I had a wee wave to them and they sort of looked at me going, what on earth is happening?"

The final hurdle was an overhang - she had to lean back almost upside-down and swing underneath.

Forbes has a target of $1000 to raise for the Waikato/Bay of Plenty Cancer Society in the lead-up to Daffodil Day this Friday.

To donate, visit give.everydayhero.com/nz/kendall-to-abseil-down-the-tallest-building-in-hamilton


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