Maori King's illness diabetes-related

02:51, Aug 26 2014
UPDATE: Spokesman Tukoroirangi Morgan says Maori King Tuheitia Paki did not suffer a heart attack.

Maori King Tuheitia Paki remains in hospital but has not suffered a heart attack, as was initially thought.

Spokesman Tukoroirangi Morgan today held a press conference at Te Manukanukao Hoturoa Marae at the Auckland Airport to update media on the king's health.

The king was admitted to Waikato Hospital yesterday, it was believed he had suffered a heart attack.

This afternoon, Morgan confirmed the king was taken to hospital after suddenly feeling unwell, but his symptoms were found to be consistent with diabetes, which he suffers from.

The 59-year old was currently undergoing tests to further pinpoint the health issue, Morgan said.

"As soon as he is able, the king will continue his duties," he said.

"For now we believe he is in the best possible care."

On behalf of the king he thanked well-wishers for their support and aroha.

The king was visibly frail during his annual address at Koroneihana celebrations last week where he revealed the extent of his health battles.

"You are well aware of my personal fight with diabetes and cancer and I am pleased to report that these are being kept under control," he said at the time.

A hui would be held tomorrow to decide who will take over the King's duties while he is in hospital.


Maori King
KING: Maori King Tuheitia spoke at the final day of coronation celebrations at the Ngaruawhahia this month.

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