'Octo-yolk' an egg record?

23:18, May 11 2010
EGGS-TRAORDINARY: Roberta's broken free range egg and it's eight yolks.

A Huntly grandmother may well have earnt her place in New Zealand poultry folklore.

Claims of an egg with eight yolks, which is being dubbed "the octo-yolk", were made yesterday morning in the north Waikato town, whipping New Zealand's egg community into a frenzy.

Roberta, who did not want her last name used, said she was making scrambled eggs for her visiting grandson Jonathan Thompson when the possible record-breaking discovery was made.

Roberta, 87, cracked a free range egg, laid by one of her hens, Charlotte or Angela, and eight slippery yolks slithered out.

"It's pretty incredible," Mr Thompson, 26, said.

The "octo-yolk" egg could well be a new New Zealand record, though unconfirmed rumours of a "nine-yolker" have long been discussed in henhouses and at breakfast tables throughout the country.


"We were hoping it could be some kind of a New Zealand record. I mean, I don't think we'll see it again in our lifetime," Mr Thompson, a self-described "eggs-pert", said.

After a neighbour photographed the "octo-yolk," Roberta proceeded to create her grandson's scrambled eggs.

Vanessa Wintle, from the Egg Producers' Federation of New Zealand, said while double-yolked eggs were reasonably common, finding eight was "exceptional".

Multiple-yolk eggs occur when the hen's ovulation cycle occurs more rapidly than usual, or when one yolk becomes joined with another yolk.

And as for the answer to the question we've all been waiting for - how did the scrambled eggs taste?

"A little bit weird to be honest. Pretty weird," Mr Thompson confessed.