Fairfax publishes its first 3-D newspaper

17:00, Jul 02 2010
Mathew Grocott
DIFFERENT DIMENSION: South Waikato News editor Mathew Grocott and manager Paula Baxter check out a copy of the paper's 'Welcome to our District' supplement in 3-D.

It's turned the movie business on its head and now 3-D technology is coming to a newspaper near you.

Next week the South Waikato News will be delivered to letterboxes in the South Waikato region with the Welcome to our District supplement inside.

The supplement is an annual feature of the weekly community newspaper but this year all its photos have been shot in 3-D.

The brainchild of South Waikato News manager Paula Baxter, the publication will be delivered to letterboxes on Wednesday with a complimentary pair of 3-D glasses.

Mrs Baxter said she came up with the idea when she read on the internet about how another small New Zealand paper had also produced a 3-D publication.

"I thought we could do it. We have got to stay one step ahead not only of the competition but also for advertisers and I think they were really taken with the novelty value of it."


She said it was a lot of work but she was open to producing more 3-D publications in the future.

The July publication is produced by South Waikato News to welcome new farmers who have moved to the region.

This year's version of the publication is the first time its owner, Fairfax, has published a newspaper in 3-D in New Zealand.

Waikato Regional Community Newspapers general manager Sean Stephens said he was really excited about it.

"Who would have thought that little South Waikato News would be leading the way in Fairfax, but we are and it is great."

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