Redman quits

Former Hamilton city boss Michael Redman has demanded city councillors follow his example and quit office following the V8 debacle.

He has blamed Hamilton's "toxic political agenda" for forcing his resignation from his high-powered Auckland job.

Mr Redman's call came as Local Government Minister Rodney Hide sought an urgent briefing on the damning V8s audit.

He told the Waikato Times that Audit New Zealand's report "surely" required all the city councillors involved in the V8s decision-making process back to 2006, and deputy chief executive Blair Bowcott, to resign.

Mr Redman, the man Hamilton catapulted to the mayoralty and then swept up the city in V8 euphoria, yesterday resigned as Auckland supercity's Tourism Events and Economic Development (ATEED) boss a day after the report critical of his management of the event.

It is Mr Redman's second shock resignation in a year, after he angered some councillors by quitting as Hamilton chief executive in October 2010 for the Auckland position.

"I reject outright the major findings of the Audit NZ report but the reaction to it has made it impossible to continue in my current role. I cannot allow Hamilton's toxic political agenda to disrupt the progressive work of ATEED and Auckland. Too often politicians and public officials are hypocritical when it comes to demanding accountability of others but are not prepared to be accountable themselves," he said last night.

Mr Hide told the Waikato Times that Audit New Zealand's conclusions were of concern to him and would undermine the city's confidence in a council already struggling for financial sustainability.

He had not yet considered whether to intervene, but strongly urged the council to act to prevent any repeat.

"Hamilton City Council is already struggling to return to financial sustainability over the next decade. The legacy of the V8s makes this job harder. I commend the council for subjecting their performance to independent scrutiny, but the findings ... are likely to undermine the confidence Hamilton ratepayers and voters have in their council," said Mr Hide.


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