Jockey 'destroying herself'

21:49, Dec 21 2011
File photo of Rose Grace Steeman.
File photo of Rose Grace Steeman.

A judge has told a Matamata apprentice jockey she was "destroying herself'' while sentencing her on methamphetamine possession charges.

Rose Grace Steeman, 22, failed to appear at two court dates last year and was said to be on the run from gang members at one stage but she was sentenced to 18 months supervision at Hamilton District Court.

Steeman, who has been on a 24-hour curfew for more than six months, was an apprentice jockey and stable hand at Ballymore Stables and racing manager Paul Moroney  was in the public gallery.

Judge Lindsay Moore said probation's report was very worrying and his sentencing had to reflect his two major concerns.

"How's she getting hold of this stuff and how are we going to wean her off,'' he said.

Steeman was convicted on two charges of possession of methamphetamine and two of possessing utensils for the consumption of the drug.


The first set of charges stemmed from an incident in January last year when her car was stopped in Matamata and police found a point bag (0.1 grams) of methamphetamine and a glass pipe in her handbag.

In June that year she failed to appear in Morrinsville District Court and a month later Mr Moroney guessed she was on the run, expressing concerns for her safety alleging standover tactics by gang members she had become involved with.

Steeman was stopped by police again in August 2010 while she was on bail and police found a P pipe and 0.7 grams of methamphetamine in her bag on that occasion  a quantity with a street value of more than $700.

Judge Moore alluded to the fact that the sentencing could be incidental if she was found guilty of more serious charges for which a trial has been set down in March next year.

She faces three more charges, one of which is possession for supply of methamphetamine, when in October 2010 her car was stopped again by police who allegedly found a quantity of the drug, needles and a set of scales.

"What the future holds for her will be reliant on the outcome of the indictable matters  there's not much doubt what happens to people who deal in methamphetamine,'' Judge Moore said.

"This is a young woman in the process of destroying herself.''

"There's a real sense that comes through the [probation] report that you've become used to a way of life that hasn't got any future in it and you're going to have to find it in yourself to reshape your life.''


Jan 19 2010 - Steeman is the driver of a car stopped in Matamata with two male passengers. Police find a point bag and a glass pipe as well as weapons and cannabis, which results in separate charges for a passenger.

May 2010 - Allegedly told by gang members to take the rap for male associate on drugs possession charges

June 2 2010 - Fails to appear in Morrinsville District Court

July 2010 - Stable boss Paul Moroney expresses fears she is on the run from gang members

Aug 15 2010 - Passenger in a car stopped at roadside check. Steeman's wallet contains 0.7 grams of meth and a glass pipe is found in her bag.

Sept 13 2010 - Failed to appear in Hamilton District Court

Oct 31 2010 - Police stopped her car in Hamilton, and allegedly found a quantity of P, needles and a set of scales

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