Piggy goes to market

A little piggy went to market at a Hamilton shopping complex today, sparking an hour-long swine hunt.

The young weiner escaped from the back of a trailer while its owners were shopping at The Base shortly after 3pm.

It chewed through a tarpaulin roof and jumped about 1.2m from its cage, to freedom.

The piglet caused confusion among afternoon shoppers. "Is it a dog, or is it a pig?'' was the question going through one retail assistant's head. "This is the first time I've seen anything like this.''

The pig trotted through the carpark with security guards hot on his heels, but he managed to escape into a patch of bush adjacent to Avalon Dr.

One of the owners - who declined to be named - and two Animal Control officers tracked the runaway swine to the railway tracks running behind the shopping centre.

He was apprended about 4:30pm.

His owners said they had bought two piglets as a gift for a friend. The other one had also escaped on Te Rapa Rd earlier in the day and was being held at the SPCA.

"It was determined," the woman said. "I've never seen them jump like that."

Waikato Times