'Cruel behaviour' results in jail

A Hamilton man who subjected his ex-partner to "abuse and indignity'', including throwing a block of cheese at her, was jailed yesterday.

Eddy James Johnson, 41, racked up six convictions over a two and 1/2 month period, starting in November, the most serious of which were against his former partner.

On November 14 he woke up at 4am to go to work, while the victim was asleep.

When Johnson was unable to find his keys he demanded she get up and help him look, but as she walked out of the bedroom he kicked her in the ribs and pelted her with a block of cheese he had grabbed while in the kitchen.

He was wearing work boots at the time and the blow was enough to fracture a rib.

Despite the pain, she continued searching for the keys outside but Johnson found them in the house.

He shut the front door, locking her out, and drove to work.

The victim eventually had to break a window to get back in.

Judge Philip Connell described it as "cruel behaviour''.

Two months later he attacked his partner again, targeting her ribs with his boot and grabbing her by the hair, triggering the second breach of a protection order that was issued to protect her.

Johnson was stopped by police a couple of weeks later and blew a reading of 955  nearly two and a half times the limit.

Though it was high, two of his previous five drink driving charges were over 1000, which meant yesterday he was disqualified from driving indefinitely.

A probation report recommended a non-custodial sentence but Judge Connell took a much sterner view of the offending and jailed the 41-year-old for three years nine months.

Johnson shook his head in disbelief and told his lawyer and the judge he would be appealing.

Waikato Times