Thief leaves eftpos card behind

A teen shoplifter might have been too fast for a dairy owner to catch him but his legs were working quicker than his brain.

Hamilton man Jubal Nick-Che Tuahine, 18, asked a shopkeeper for tobacco and papers but made the mistake of handing over his eftpos card before bolting.

There were insufficient funds for the transaction but the card was handed to police, who established the identity of the offender.

In Hamilton District Court today the teen was also convicted of several other offences stemming from an evening in April when he was drinking with a friend.

They were driving back to the victim's house in his mum's car, when he asked Tuahine (who was driving) to stop and let him urinate.

He refused and said told the court his friend started to strangle him, so he punched him several times in the face.

Later Tuahine also punched one of the car's windows and ripped the rear vision mirror off.

Eventually he dropped his mate off at his dad's house but took the car home.

Police  who found the car at his house days later  again had all the evidence they needed and were not swayed when he told them he was ''just about to return it''.

Tuahine was ordered to pay $29.70 to the dairy, $65 to the owner of the car, given 120 hours of community work and received his first six convictions in the process.

Waikato Times