Man 'bans himself from toilets'

23:44, Jul 25 2012

A man has pledged to ban himself from public toilets after he was fined for shoving x-rated magazines under public toilet cubicles.

William Hayworth Esling, of Hamilton, was convicted of two charges of offensive behaviour in the Hamilton District Court on Wednesday after the incidents earlier this year.

On April 22, Esling went to the men's toilets in the Hamilton Transport Centre on Anglesea St.

A 15-year-old youth went into a cubicle and sat down and Esling entered the one next to him.

A short time later the victim saw a page of a magazine appear of a sexual image of a man and woman. The incident happened on two other occasions at the same toilets.

When questioned by police, Esling denied it happened while he was in the bathrooms.


However, in court his lawyer said Esling accepted there was no excuse for his behaviour and accepted he needs help.

He had approached Anglican Action who had agreed to help him.

He would also aim to voluntarily ban himself from as many public rest rooms as possible, she said.

He was convicted and fined $250 on each charge.

Waikato Times