Barman sentenced for drink driving

A Hamilton barman blew more than three times the adult drink-drive limit after being breathalysed at a crash scene last month.

Thomas Edwin Jarman, 24, was sentenced on charges of drink driving and careless driving in the Hamilton District Court yesterday.

The court heard Jarman had finished work and had more drinks before heading off in his mother’s car with another passenger on Cameron Rd on July 18 when he has failed to take a right hand bend.

Jarman’s car crashed into a trailer, shunting the vehicle it was attached to, a couple of metres forward.

No one was injured in the crash but when breathalysed, Jarman recorded 1276mcg. 

The legal adult limit is 400mcg.

Jarman’s counsel said his client made a "very, very bad decision" to drive after drinking so much.

When questioned by Community Magistrate Susan Hovell about injuries and the car, Jarman confirmed no one was injured, however his mother’s car was a write off.

In sentencing Jarman, Ms Hovell said she was surprised he got so far without injuring anybody else.

‘‘I’m surprised that you were able to stand up with that reading, let alone attempt to drive a motor vehicle ... not only did you put your life at risk, but you had a passenger and also put others on the road at risk as well.’’

Jarman was convicted and fined $1300 and disqualified from driving for seven months.

Waikato Times