Chances of hospital mistakes halve

The chances of being wrongly medicated at Waikato hospitals has halved, a new quality report shows.

The Waikato District Health Board this week released its second Annual Quality Report.

It shows that medication errors have dropped by a half since December when four patients in 100 received the wrong medication.

In June, the rate was two patients for every 100 admitted.

The report also shows patients falls reducing, hand hygiene improving, and the establishment of a Health 

Waikato Mortality Committee to reduce the number of avoidable deaths.

Waikato DHB quality and risk manager Michael Bland said the 2011/12 Quality Report has identified patient safety, patient outcomes and patient experiences as the key focus for the organisation. 

Health Waikato chief operating officer Jan Adams the improvements in the last 12 months were ‘‘encouraging‘‘.

“Against a backdrop of financial and organisational challenges, we have continued to rate quality improvement as our highest priority,‘‘ she said.

‘‘That commitment continues.”

Waikato Times