The Tui challenge

How many Tui can you spot?
How many Tui can you spot?

Let us call it the 10 tuis in a tree challenge.

The gauntlet has been thrown down to the city of Hamilton to beat their country cousins in the tui stakes. 

Hamilton City Councillor Pippa Mahood issued the challenge at the Waikato Muslim Association Interfaith meeting last night, which was focused on the environment and touched on tui numbers in the Waikato.

Cr Mahood said she was at an environmental strategy forum last week at Hamilton Gardens when she was told of Waikato University's big win in the tui stakes.

''A comment was made by someone: 'You will never guess what we saw at the university the other day. We found 10 tuis  in one tree','' Cr Mahood said.

''Now, anyone from the university will know  that was real because it went all around in a buzz.''

At first there was disbelief so many tui could be spotted in one tree, she said. 

''I said 'What! Someone must have had double vision. I don't believe it, I can't believe it.''

And 'I went out of that forum, went out and heard this raucous voice, this noise, and there were eight tuis in a tree.''

And thus a bit of good-natured rivalry was stirred up.

''So there you go,'' she said.

'' My message to the university is that you have done better than us. I didn't believe it until I saw those eight with my own two eyes. 

''I just want to say to look out for those tuis. The university is beating the city and I don't like it.''

Waikato Times