Zoning sparks sell-up

19:10, Sep 02 2012
Erin Walcroft
MOVING ON: Erin Walcroft, with son Jordan, 11, is selling her Callum Brae home for a fresh start within a favoured school zone.

After 12 years living in Hamilton's northern suburbia Erin Walcroft is on the move.

The Hukanui Primary School teacher built her Cairns Cr, Callum Brae, home with her former partner in 2000.

"At that time it was just about the only place that had sections that was moving out this way. It was just a nice area and because we were building quite a big place we didn't want to over-capitalise anywhere else," she said. "This place seems to hold its value pretty well."

It's the only home her son Jordan, 11, has known but he is excited about the fresh start.

A major reason for the shift is to get inside the zone for Hamilton Boys' High School.

"Everybody out here's zoned for Fairfield College," Ms Walcroft said.


She put her house on the market at the end of July. One offer fell through but she hopes a second offer, a little under her asking price of $439,000, will go unconditional on Monday.

"The only reason we did it really was because I saw another house that I liked.

"That sort of prompted the move a bit quicker."

That house is on Boundary Rd - three bedrooms, an office, a landscaped garden, a swimming pool and, most importantly, it is within the Boys' High zone. "It downgrades my mortgage a little bit so it ticked a lot of boxes," Ms Walcroft said. She is one of two people with an offer on the home and if all goes to plan she'll be moving in the first week of October.

"It's very stressful. Have I done the right thing? I don't know, you've just got to take that leap. If you find a place that ticks most of your boxes, you've just got to go for it."

An upturn in the housing market meant there was no shortage of competition, she said, and "when houses go on for sale they tend to move pretty quickly".

She advised others looking to sell up to let go of any emotional attachment to their homes.

"It's just merchandise," she said.

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