Barbecue time again

21:42, Sep 28 2012

Set your clock forward, dust off those barbecues and prepare for a warm Waikato welcome to daylight saving this weekend.

A fine start is expected for this morning, MetService forecaster John Law said, but rain is likely to roll in by the afternoon.

"It's not out of the question that some of those showers could be on the heavier side, particularly inland, down towards the likes of Tokoroa."

However, the region's first taste of daylight saving tomorrow will be warm and dry with temperatures of up to 20 degrees Celsius and light winds forecast.

"It should stay dry, but there will be more cloud, particularly as we head through night time Sunday into Monday," Mr Law said.

"I don't think it's going to be quite as nice as we had last weekend."


Daylight saving officially jumps forward at 2am Sunday, becoming 3am, according to the Department of Internal Affairs.

Losing an hour of darkness, while most people are tucked up in bed, technically means an hour of sunshine is gained at the end of the day.

It's a trade-off that defines the Kiwi summer and helps create memories of backyard cricket and walks along the beach after fish ‘n' chip dinners.

People are already starting to get in the spirit of spring with a noticeable increase in barbecue sales and other outdoor living items at Hamilton's Bunnings store as the weather warms up.

"It has already started for us," decorator co-ordinator Nick Brown said.

"We get things like barbecues, outdoor furniture settings, anything to do with leisure - plants as well. Anything from our lifestyle area tends to sell quite well over the summer period."

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