Electrical fault caused Paeroa fire

20:59, Oct 01 2012

A large fire which destroyed a number of vehicles including 10 motorhomes was caused by an electrical fault, a fire investigation has found.

The fire ripped through the Paeroa R.V Centre storage shed on Coronation St just after 4.30am Friday.

Waikato fire safety officer Kevin Holmes said the fire was caused by an electrical fault in the main switchboard of the building.

Along with the motorhomes inside the shed, there was one bus destroyed,  a van, a pick-up truck, a car, two roadster motorbikes, three trailers along with a large amount of household items.

It is believed the property was covered by insurance..

Ron Campbell, one of about 100 shareholders in the trust that privately-owned the building and the camping area beside it, said at first he thought the banging tin sound he heard when he woke shortly after 4.30am was being caused by strong winds.

"I looked up through the skylight and saw the sky was glowing red".

He said many of the shareholders who stored their vehicles in the shed lived overseas.

Mr Campbell was not a trust director so he did not know the details, but he believed the property was covered.


Waikato Times