Reward to catch torturer

This clothing was used to tie up and torture a cat which was found at Rototuna Countdown.
This clothing was used to tie up and torture a cat which was found at Rototuna Countdown.

Animal abuse lobby group Paw Justice is offering a $2000 reward for information on whoever left a cat strung up to die at a Countdown supermarket in Rototuna earlier this week.

The cat had rope tied around its waist and was found dangling upside down from an industrial bin handle. It was so badly injured it had to be put down.

The SPCA appealed for information on what they called a "cruel and sadistic" case, and inspector Donna Young said the cat's internal injuries suggested trauma akin to being run over by a car a dozen times.

"Not only did the cat suffer and was in great pain, for someone to go to great lengths to string it up on public display is worrying as it is so cruel and sadistic," she said.

Paw Justice is making the same appeal, initially offering a reward of $1000, but they have since upped it to $2000 after a member donated another $1000 for the cause.

Melanie Douglas, a spokesperson for the group, said they were disturbed by the act and the suffering the cat went through.

"We are obviously concerned at the level of cruelty and the sickening acts the cat was subjected to. As if the cruelty itself is not bad enough, to be left alive and suffering in this state is unimaginable.

"We believe whoever did this must be caught and dealt with by the law very quickly. We have to educate people in order to show them animal cruelty cannot be tolerated, and there is no place for suffering like this in our society."

Since the story in the Waikato Times, the public has reacted strongly, with hundreds of comments and shares on Facebook and over 1000 "likes" on the story.

All agreed whoever was responsible should be brought to justice.

The reward will go to anyone who can provide information through their Facebook page, which leads to the prosecution of the person(s) responsible.

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