Man assaulted with machete

01:54, Oct 12 2012

A 30-year-old man was assaulted with a machete in Hamilton East this morning.

He was taken to Waikato Hospital with arm and leg lacerations.

Police communications Inspector Ian Brooker said a St John Ambulance call came in at 1.59am in relation to the incident and the Hamilton CIB responded.

"They’re talking about a patient who’s been assaulted with a large blade of some description," Mr Brooker said.

"He’s arrived at Waikato Hospital with machete wounds."

Mr Brooker said CIB were still dealing with the case this morning.


St John northern communications team leader Brett Tobeck said the emergency call about a man who had been beaten and cut came in at 1.30am.

"It looks like there’s been an assault with a blade of some description to his leg and arm," Mr Tobeck said.

"He was status three, moderate injuries"

However, severe lacerations could be classed as either status three or a more critical status of one or two, it depends on where the the injuries were inflicted and how threatening they were to the patient’s health.

Hamilton Police would not comment on the incident when contacted this morning.

Waikato Times